Sometimes it takes a major life event and some time to help you realize that a change has to be made.


My busy life, obligations, jobs, volunteering, and family were keeping me beyond busy, to say the least!  I had plenty of amazing things I was involved with and then realized, something wasn't right.  


I, by chance, came across LuLaRoe and knew this was a business that was going to change my life.  I just KNEW.  It' so strange saying that but it's true!  Having been involved in business my entire adult life, I could see that not only was LuLaRoe an amazing product, but it was also a company that I HAD to be a part of.


Within in just a few weeks of signing up to be an Independent Retailer with LuLaRoe, I started the process of closing my ten-year-old photography business.  It was time and I'm happy to report - I've NEVER LOOKED BACK!


LuLaRoe makes amazing clothing, empowers retailers, is creating careers and jobs, makes the people that wear their clothes feel fabulous, has the most amazing positive culture, and changes lives.


If you are ready to make a change in your life and need that next opportunity - LuLaRoe is for you!!!  Join our team and take hold of your future!  

XOXO - Molly, Andrew, Delaney, Callen, & Emerson



We carry beautiful, unique, and comfortable clothes AND great accessories to top off any outfit!  The two big brand names we carry are LuLaRoe and Poppy Clips!



We have been LuLaRoe retailers since July 2016 and our perspective on clothes has changed for the better! 

LuLaRoe is a line of clothing designed to fit women of all ages, shapes, and sizes.  Not kidding!  Our sizes range from XXS to 3XL!  And to make things even better, we also carry a full line of children's clothes AND men's items!


LuLaRoe prints are made exclusively for us, by us and in limited numbers per print making each exclusive.


Our clothing is sold by independent LuLaRoe business owners at home and business clothing parties, pop-up boutiques, and in closed online groups. LuLaRoe is high-quality (yes, I'm talking comparable with Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters), unique, comfortable, affordable, and on trend.


We have "lula-addicts"... once you get your first few pieces, you will see why!




scarves PoppyClips are a fast and fun way to add a POP of color and style to your wardrobe. Jessica and Cristina’s innovative solution to stay cool on a warm day became a fashion accessory that adds a POP to everything in your wardrobe: long sleeve shirts become ¾-sleeve shirts…jeans become capris…you can even wear them on purses, bags, 

PoppyClips were created, as most great inventions are, as the solution to a problem.  The creator was wearing long sleeves.  She pushed them up.  They didn’t stay.  She pushed them up, again.  They didn’t stay. When her friend Cristina saw her aggravation, a light bulb went off.  She said, “We need magnets.” And PoppyClipsand pockets. The powerful magnets inside PoppyClips stay together without leaving any marks or impressions. PoppyClips bring new life to your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

And PoppyClips are evolving! PoppyClips for Boots and Fitclips are now available! Now available in boutiques, department stores across the U.S., PoppyClips are a girl’s new best friend. Dress up your standard boots with colors and patterns that display your personality. And PoppyClips for Boots are easy to use, just like the original PoppyClips – simply separate the two powerful magnets, slide the clip over the top of your boot, push together and you’re done. It’s challenging to show off your accessories and personality when you have to bundle up, but you can still make an impression and add a POP with your PoppyClips!

All PoppyClips are designed and assembled in the U.S.A. They make perfect gifts, so the never-ending search for a personal, useful and stylish gift just ended. See how PoppyClips make it easy to add a POP to every outfit, every day!






First of all, LuLaRoe is SERIOUSLY AH-MAZING!

To be honest, the whole "direct sales" stigma does not appeal to me - still today.  But LuLaRoe is TOTALLY DIFFERENT. If you have seen LuLaRoe clothing or been to a LuLaRoe party... Then you already know how different we are from other companies. 


Our prints made by our in-home designer in the USA, and the styles of our clothing are made to fit and flatter ALL body types!!!  This allows women of all shapes and sizes to feel confident and beautiful. 


The clothing is what sets us apart from basically every other company in the entire world!  Retailers are just the lucky ones to find new homes for it!  We get to set our own hours, and our own business structures.  Being a LuLaRoe retailers is owning your own company.  You get to call all the shots: pricing, sales, specials, discounts, and more.  Our profit margins are AMAZING!!!  This is not a side business or hobby (unless you make it just that).  This business is for people who want a REAL INCOME and to work from home doing it! 


My sweet dear husband Andrew was totally a skeptic in the beginning.  We have a relationship similar to a ship.  It's the Molly ship and I'm sailing!  You are either on board and sailing with me or on shore.  So he has taken the sail on this amazing LuLaRoe journey with me!  Now ask him...  Who makes more doing what they love?!  (And who is my inventory man and packaging partner - shhhhh - he doesn't know I've told you here!)  Let LuLaRoe fulfill all of your dreams by just giving it a chance!!


If you are willing to work hard and dedicate yourself to going all in for at least 60-90 days, you will see AMAZING RESULTS.  Let me lead you on this journey to financial success that will change you and your families lives, forever.



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